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I received excellent and professional care under Brandie's treatment for my foot problems. She and Stephen were always very attentive and helpful. All of the employees were in great spirits and offered lots of great advice. I would recommend the services provided by this great clinic to all!

Robert Strauss

The therapy I received at City Park Therapy was extensive and thorough.The staff was both professional and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone needing there service.

Salvador Cousin

If you're looking for excellent care and friendly, knowledgeable staff, look no further than City Park Physical Therapy. I never had to wait before an appointment, which is always nice, and scheduling appointments that were convenient for me was easy. Brandie was excellent at explaining what was causing my pain and how she would treat it. Stephen assisted her and both of them always made me feel comfortable with and confident in the treatment methods. I feel so much better now and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Cathryn Bishop

Excellent, professional and friendly therapists and entire staff. Easy to schedule appointments and times readily available. I would recommend City Park to my friends and encourage anyone to take advantage of their quality services.

Ken Comfort

Great experience! Friendly staff! Randy continued to work with me to get my issue solved. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs physical therapy.

Suzanne Herzog

Randy does a great job with the therapy and is very good with two way communications. Very friendly and supportive staff. Excellent office environment.

David Roahen

Had a great experience with city park physical therapy. When I started therapy I was in pain daily, they helped reduced my pain to a manageable level. The staff is very helpful and I highly recommend to anyone.

Terry Farmer

This place is phenomenal the staff is friendly well trained and they give you the personal attention you deserve BRAVO!

Linda S.

I have been going to City Park PT for 3 weeks now and am very impressed. The PT is very knowledgeable and thorough in addressing my physical issues. The staff are caring, friendly and professional. As a RN, I am very pleased with the time taken to teach me about my problems and ways to continue treatment at home. This is a first rate rehab center.

Agnes S.

I came to City Park PT to rehab an old shoulder injury that flared up to an un-ignorable level. I was having trouble doing my job, sleeping through the night and migraines. Since going here I am able to sleep like a baby again, the headaches have ceased and I have less pain at work. Progressive, informative and realistic. I felt they were just as invested in my therapy as I was. Always adjusting to get the best results. Above and beyond answered every little question and concern I may have. Always professional and friendly. I will, and have recommended this place to anyone who finds themselves in need of physical therapy. Also I have only lived in NOLA a few years and this was one of the BEST service experiences I've had with a biz, med. related or not, in the city. Great job City Park Physical Therapy!

Maegan H.

My car accident was one year ago and my neck was extremely stiff. My physical therapist did a great job at reducing my pain and increasing my mobility! I highly recommend City Park PT - the warm and friendly atmosphere is a bonus!

Martha B.

For 3 years, I had a nagging hip and back injury, and I could never pinpoint the problem. Randy managed to find the problem and fix it in just over 2 months. His clear explanation of the issue and treatment was pivotal in my recovery, and his lovely office manager Julie is the Yin to his Yang. I've had no pain in nearly a month, and I'm getting back on my flag football team!


My job as a dentist is backbending work, so when a fall aggravated a previous injury my daily work routine became unbearably painful. Within two weeks of physical therapy with Randy I was feeling well enough to make it through the work day, and my discomfort level is constantly improving. Randy and his staff at City Park Physical Therapy have been a true blessing. They are genuinely interested in my recovery from back pain and go to great lengths to fully coordinate my treatment with both my orthopedist and chiropractor. I really believe I'm well on my way to feeling better than I have in many years!

Shannon R. Bergeron, DDS